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Steps to become a model

How to become a model - Step 1.

First of all you should prepare yourself for a hard work. It is only at first glance you may think that it is quite easy to be a model. In fact it is very hard and exhausting work, with huge competition where only the strongest survive. First of all, we should understand that the model work - is first of all a business. You have to participate in numerous auditions (it can be even 10 per day, all in different parts of unfamiliar to you city), get up at 5 am and go to bed after the midnight.

How to become a model - Step 2.

How do you look? How should we look to become a model? Actually, there are not so many requirements. However, they are very strict. Anyone who does not comply with them, will not succeed in the profession of model. The height is the most important parameter. Conversely, hips should not exceed 34, waist - no more than 24.

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