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Rolex watches advertising campaign casting

Toronto modeling agency is happy to be a part of Rolex advertising campaign and in this regard to announce about models casting opening to participate in it. It is a great honor for us and our models to be chosen as partners for this world famous brand advertising campaign. Click here to learn more about Toronto-modeling-agency.com news and castings.

Almost every man dreams about high-quality brand watches, someone even prefer to buy used ones to pay less for their dream if they can not afford a new chronograph. That is why only the most successful, beautiful and famous men were endorsed to advertising campaigns of famous watch brands. For example, David Beckham has become the face of this famous company just having finished a shooting in underwear advertising. Famous football player demonstrates a new model, specifically designed for travelers. This miracle will be appreciated by true travelers with the first-class service, a function of the time display in all time zones and chronograph.

The photo shooting campaign was carried out on the runway in California and a luxurious private jet was used as a background. Famous American photographer Anthony Muddler was a filming director of this campaign.

Main requirements to models Requirements for the models to star in Rolex advertising campaign are rather strict:
- Model for advertising should be able to work long hours without showing a fatigue
- Model for shooting in advertising is required to be able to work perfectly in any genre
- Model for advertising should not be afraid of the camera and feel awkward.
Besides, such models do not have much time for a long preparation to a shooting session and should be able to tune up to work quickly.

Casting for shooting in advertising allows many models to open the door to the modeling business and to take his/her place under the sun. Unfortunately, not every model is able to work in advertising. Reasons for this are varying: poor diction, fear of cameras, inability to work with a great team. Casting allows us to select one or more models according to certain parameters and appearance.

Grady Woods about the advantages of Rolex used in Toronto and the prices on such products.

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