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How to pass a casting and qualify for an advertising campaign

Casting is the stage of a career that every model has to pass through. And it is the situation when your portfolio, body parameters or beauty of the face makes no difference, you still have to take part in the casting, because it is a live dialogue with the employers. It often happens that a good portfolio does not guarantee you a job. Only live communication allows an employer to see your charm and charisma.

Casting is a market. And the more profitably you will show yourself as a commodity, the more you will be paid, though it sounds quite rude. When in fact you just offer the service to advertise the goods.

A lot of difficulties will be expecting you on the start of a career: struggle with competition, hard work on yourself and constant stress. You will need to bring up a huge will power and treat your goal seriously to survive in the cruel world of show business. Be confident in yourself and you will succeed. Read 5 tips, which will help you to become a professional model.

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