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How models casting is carried out

Casting is a strict selection of girls and boys with an attractive appearance to participate in fashion shows, parties, photo shoots and advertising campaigns. So casting is a short, but very significant step in the activity of each model.

A certain number of contestants are invited to take part in the casting, as a rule models come in to the casting room one by one. Manager of modeling agency and customer-company are the people, who take the final decision.

Model is asked a series of questions about his/her hobbies, professional activities and skills. As a rule not more than three minutes are allocated to interview a model. If a model has interested a customers, he/she is asked to walk down the runway.

Girl model must have a discreet makeup, nail polish of calm tones and, of course, clean and styled hair. Outfit should be comfortable, it may be strict jeans and jacket, skirt and topic - the main thing that a model should feel confident in it.

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