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Man Models Setting Standards of Style & Luxury in Jewelry

Ready to become a real trendsetter in mens luxury jewelry in 2018? You are not alone. Recently many world-known luxury jewelry brands are trying to cater to the increased men’s needs to express their uniqueness and style through wearing more pieces of mens jewelry. Although the word «jewelry» is much more common when one describes an elegant woman, men all over the world who are willing to step back from traditional canons and add to their personal style, choose more of luxurious men’s jewelry accessories like bracelets, rings or necklaces. Here are some fashion-forward trends to consider if you are keeping to recent mens jewelry standards.

Luxury Mens Jewelry Style

A modern cool dude, as a rule, despite his age or a lifestyle, complement his every day and fancy looks with a stylish and expensive wristwatch, a still number one choice globally. However, traditional luxury mens jewelry wristwatches, cufflinks or wedding bands are not enough anymore for many to stand out. Many mens luxury jewelry designers offer hot trended jewelry pieces as necklaces and chains stacked in one luxury ensemble with expensive rings and leather bracelets.

Men in 2018 desire to wear overall more luxury jewelry. Once this tendency to stack many luxury mens jewelry pieces together was common to sport stars and the luxury world of show business only. Now it becomes almost all-access for those men who are confident to express themselves to the world in a new and more luxury stylish way. Mens luxury jewelry nowadays play prima in subtle details that make an individual to stand out

Men's Jewelry

The huge selection of luxurious men's jewelry brought on stage by top fashion luxury brands raises an understandable question how to match several jewelry pieces and wear them right. Too much of the mens jewelry put on at once can look distracting and unstylish. Male trendsetters always remember the rule of appropriate time and place while wearing luxury mens jewelry accessories. Another overall tendency when we speak about putting on several luxury jewelry pieces is matching metals in one look. All metals used in, for example, your watch, rings or other accessories should well match with each other by color to create a completed and stylish impression. Classical golden or silver colors always look more elegant and are able to greatly uplift your luxury outfit.

Getting back to hot fashion trends in luxury mens jewelry, as wearing luxury bracelets, for example, it’s better to avoid oversized models with any kinds of pendants. They look too female and won’t add you any mens jewelry charm. A jewelry metal or leather bracelet sitting well on your hand will complement your overall luxury look better than anything, if its design truly expresses your individual character.

Luxurious men’s jewelry accessories as necklaces and chains are a must-have luxury mens jewelry trend in 2018. They can look classic in gold or silver, but they are able to add a luxury stylish touch to any smart casual outfit.

As for jewelry rings, a corporate style allows one simple and elegant luxury ring without any extra glittering made from expensive materials. It can be a good addition to a wedding band if you wear it.

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